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Access Officer,
Cambridge University Students' Union
17 Mill Lane
Cambridge CB2 1RX

College crest for Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall is a mature and post graduate College, admitting students over the age of 21. It’s located in the city centre, just next to a large square of grass used for frisbee, football and the Cambridge Film Festival.

Hughes Hall

We also have our own punt called Bubbyfish.

Hughes Hall backs onto Cambridge’s main swimming pool and gym, allowing students to make the most of both College and town facilities. The facilities within the College are good, with a new library, a well-stocked computer room, conference rooms and quality accommodation, largely on-site. There are additional houses slightly off the main ‘campus’ for married couples, though family accommodation can be hard to get. The canteen provides decent food, and you can get a full meal for around £4. The College charges an additional charge of £237, which pays for the overheads in the Hall and accommodation.

The centre of the student social life is the MCR (or Middle Common Room). There is a student run bar, recently refurbished with some very comfortable leather sofas, which can be found in the club room. It is designed to be somewhere you can go on an evening to meet up with friends, have a drink, and generally take a well earned (or not) break from studying. During opening hours there’s always someone in there to talk to. Twice a week, the MCR put on free tea and cakes, offering a useful way to relax and refuel. The club room is fitted out with a pool table, television (useful for the essential sports matches), table football, a coffee machine and giant jenga. It also plays host to termly discos, usually themed. These events are known by the somewhat 1950s title of ‘bops’. We also have our own punt (moored at St John’s College) called Bubbyfish.

Most extracurricular activities are catered for within the College. We have a strong music society, which puts on regular performances. We have teams in squash, netball, rowing, badminton, basketball, cricket, tennis and rugby, as well as having several University and international sportsmen within our members. We have a series of research seminars through the ‘hat club’, which puts on lectures and seminars by people associated with the College.

Best thing? A very full, yet relaxed, social scene across the College

Whilst we are not the biggest, richest or most famous College in Cambridge, we are very social and diverse, with students from a range of personal and academic backgrounds. Our small size allows us to interact more directly with the College administration and helps make Hughes Hall a more close knit community.

Worst thing? Nobody knows where it is!