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College crest for Peterhouse


Peterhouse is the smallest and the oldest Cambridge Colleges - and we’re proud of that. Peterhouse has all the quirks that you would expect from Cambridge: formal hall, gowns, a croquet pitch…, but because of its small size these traditions are not as daunting or overbearing as you might think.


Natacha Tiemann,
Engineering, 4th Year

One of the best things about Cambridge is that you can stay in College for the whole of your degree. First years are all housed together in what is possibly the best first year accommodation in Cambridge, a row of houses three minutes from College, which means you get to know everyone very quickly. In the second, third and fourth years the choice is either a room in one of the courts in College or a house 10 minutes from College.

Rooms in the first year are chosen according to cost and size, but even the smallest room is comparable to the biggest rooms at other universities! There are no en-suites, but toilets are shared at the most between four people, and there are sinks in most of the rooms. The kitchens are not very well equipped, but are enough as the College is fully catered.

Food at Peterhouse is not gourmet, but it’s cheap, with one of the cheapest and most frequent formal halls (a three course sit down meal) in Cambridge, at around £4.50. Bops (themed parties) are held around twice a term, which are always fun, as you know most of the College will go. The bar has been refurbished over Easter and is now decked out with the leather sofas and a fl at-screen! We have an active theatre and a music room with a grand piano available for students to practise, so there is something for everyone. It is also very easy to start your own society, for example this year an Amnesty group was set up.

Best thing? Small, so you get to know everyone very quickly.

The College is also well equipped academically, with a beautiful library, which is connected up to the College network so you can take your laptop in with you, and two computer rooms.

During freshers’ week you will get the opportunity to sign up for College sports and societies. These are great, and because of the small size of the College it is very easy to get onto the College team, even if you’ve never played before! Peterhouse still does surprisingly well in sports considering its size, especially in pool, as we have one of the only free tables in Cambridge. The College is centrally located, with most of the facilities, shops, bars, clubs and departments nearby. It is the perfect location for Engineering particularly (with a 1min bed to lecture time in the first year), but nothing is far away. Additionally, we’re just a little bit too far from the nearest McDonald’s to be bothered by tourists.

Worst thing? Small, so everyone knows everything about everyone.

Peterhouse is a beautiful College and easy to fit in. Ask any Petrean: we love it here. Don’t be put off by the JCR website (it’s short for sexcentenary), and don’t hesitate to email us or to come visit at an open day.