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College crest for Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall

Hidden away, tucked neatly between Trinity and Clare, Trinity Hall has no mammoth gateway to arrogantly beckon people in. Instead, a non-descript entrance leads you to beautiful courtyards, gardens and old Elizabethan buildings. It is representative of the lack of pretence that surrounds Trinity Hall. Perhaps we are less famous than Trinity, but no-one cares. We walk round with an understated pride and the knowledge that we are friendliest and most inclusive of all the colleges, things that undoubtedly mean a lot more.

Trinity Hall

Jimmy Murray
2nd Year Geographer

The College seems to offer a subtle balance in the key areas of student life in Cambridge. There is arguably nothing worse than feeling unknown, faceless in a huge swathe of people. In Trinity Hall this is highly unlikely, because the relatively small number of undergraduates means an environment in which you can get on with everyone exists. Of course, this is only if you want to! You’ll never feel claustrophobic because the college grounds are large enough to keep to yourself, and the fact that only freshers live on central site also allows for plenty of space. Similarly, we are centrally located but not touristy, and academically successful but through passion not pressure.
Slightly annoyingly, second and third years live between 5 and 10 minutes away from central site at Wychfield, although the standard of accommodation is high, and, incidentally, Trinity Hall has the lowest average rent prices in the whole University. On top of this, the college’s sports fields are next to the second year accommodation, and include Olympic-standard squash courts as well as numerous pitches and a brand new pavilion.
If you fancy a drink and a chat in the evenings there is always someone in the underground college bar, a relaxed, modern place with well priced drinks. Unfortunately, however, the adjacent JCR is not as appealing. Miners work underground, JCRs do not. It may be slightly dingy, but people still frequent this room and give it soul by socialising, playing pool and getting together to watch TV.

Best thing? Friendly atmosphere

Students from Trinity Hall are involved in all areas of University life, in sports, theatre and music. College clubs and societies provide opportunities to pursue other interest and socialise with people from every year. Our boat-club offers the chance to take to the water and there are numerous sports teams, from football, rugby, hockey and many others, that provide chances to immerse yourself in something outside of academia. We also have a drama society that puts on four plays a term and choirs, bands and music societies that perform several times a term. Whatever you want to do, Trinity Hall will give you the opportunity to do it.
Both with extra-curricular activities and academic study, Trinity Hall does not apply pressure to succeed, but creates a community atmosphere in which you feel comfortable, and it is from this that success stems. Related to this is the excellent support system that the college has built up, once again allowing for people to feel cared about and part of something inclusive.

Worst thing? The waiting room (aka the JCR)

Our ethos is all about getting involved; it’s what makes our sense of community so strong. From this stems strong foundations to feel free to achieve whatever you wish. Ultimately, all these factors blend to form a vibrant College that will give you an experience to match any other.