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Drama and Music

Cambridge's music and drama scene is phenomenal. With four student venues running full termly programmes, and dozens of ad-hoc locations available, Cambridge's student performing arts scene booms, boasting easily over 100 productions a year of all styles. Every aspect of Cambridge theatre is student-driven, with opportunities for actors, directors, techies, producers, publicists and anyone else conceivably involved in the performing arts.

With over 30 drama societies around to fund projects, Cambridge presents a fantastic opportunity to learn and experiment with no personal financial risk. Outside of term numerous productions tour nationally, and there are also annual international Shakespeare tours of Europe, the USA and Japan.

Cambridge always provides a very good showing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well. Open auditions run throughout the year, and it's very easy to get involved as all standards are catered for. The majority are just in it for fun, but serious thespians often graduate with professional agents and move on to prestigious drama schools like RADA. Cambridge's sparkling list of acting alumni (Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen) goes to show the kind of beginnings that can be forged here. Cambridge is no less renowned for comedy. The Footlights are the university's oldest and most famous comedic society, and they run regular comedy 'smoker' events for which anybody can audition who has a three-minute sketch or stand-up routine. From there full sketch and stand-up shows aren't far off for the intrepid, often leading to critical acclaim. As well as the classic Python and Fry-and-Laurie success stories, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas of The Inbetweeners are more recent Footlights alumni of note.

There are also loads of music societies in Cambridge, both within Colleges and the big University groups. Whatever your musical standard and style, there will be something to cater for you. Some groups will be audition based or require a minimum standards; others will be open to any student. Chapel choirs are renowned for their high standards, and many go on tour and do frequent recordings. There are orchestras, jazz groups, gospel choirs throughout, and several Colleges run acoustic and open mic nights. There are also venues in the Colleges and the town for bands to play, perform and record.