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The sport scene at Cambridge is huge. With every mainstream and many obscure and eccentric sports catered for, there will be something to challenge, fulfil and entertain every sportsman and athlete.

One of the best things about the College system is that it allows you to join in with activities at any level. If you're really good, willing to put in time and commitment, you can go for a University sports team. These teams will represent Cambridge in competitions around the country, receive top quality coaching and support, and (most importantly) take on Oxford in the annual 'Varsity' match, the most famous of which is the Boat Race that takes place on the Thames. You don't need to have done a sport before: some of the country's best rowers, for example, had never been in a boat until they came to Cambridge. All major sports have teams, as well as a lot of more obscure sports, from Ultimate Frisbee to Korfball.

If you want to join in at a more relaxed level, you can join a College team. These teams will cater for all levels, and give you a great opportunity to get involved, keep fit and have fun. They often have a great social side attached to them, and they can be a good way to meet people across years, subjects and Colleges. College teams get loads of opportunity to compete, too, especially in 'cuppers', the inter-College annual competition.

Most facilities are at a very high standard and easily accessible to students. You usually don't have to travel outside your College to get access to a gym, and practice courts, pitches, cricket nets, squash and badminton courts and boathouses will never be more than a short cycle-ride away. There's a fully lit athletics track and a large indoor fitness suite. We don't have a University swimming pool, but there is a 25m eight-lane pool in the centre of town, with very good diving facilities in an adjacent pool. Cambridge also has the largest outdoor swimming pool in Britain, useful for the more daring, foolish or those with an interest in triathlon.

Key Fact: University-wide sports facilities, coaching and teams.