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Why apply?

So, why apply?

Cambridge is renowned across the world for the standard of its teaching and education, making Cambridge graduates some of the most employable, but there's more to the University than just reputation and prestige. Cambridge is a great place to be a student, giving you the academic and social opportunities to take you where you want to go.

At Cambridge, you'll be taught by some of the best people in the world for your subject. This doesn't just mean that you'll be sat in a lecture of a couple of hundred students listening to them, either. Though some courses are heavily dependent upon lectures, you'll also get the chance to learn from these people in weekly supervisions, the small-group work (usually in pairs or one-on-one). These can sound petrifying, and it takes a couple of weeks to get used to them, but supervisions are the big highlight of studying here. Supervisions give you the opportunity to talk about the things you're really interested in, to get detailed feedback on your written work, to develop ideas and ask any questions. It also means you can tailor the teaching to suit your interests and develop your strengths. Though the large amount of contact time does inevitably mean that there is a lot of work (lots of which you'd rather not do), it's a great way to develop your knowledge of your subject, give you confidence, and get the most out of your degree.

More generally, whatever you need, you'll be able to find it. With each College having its own set of facilities on top of the general University sites, everything is close at hand. Each College has a library, computer room, bars, gyms, common rooms, music rooms, sports pitches, kitchens and canteens. The quality of these will vary between (and even within) Colleges, but basic facilities will be provided and there are usually central facilities at a good standard available for student use.

From the academic to the social, Cambridge offers you the chance to excel. Whether you want to try something new or take an existing talent to a new level, there is something to cater for you. On a social front, there are hundreds of societies you could get involved with: music, sport, drama, journalism, religious groups – the list goes on. Within your subject, there are chances to take things further too, and the Careers Service is always on hand to prepare you for the inevitable (and often unwelcome) step into the real world of work.

The university sprawls itself across the city, and as you walk around you're constantly aware of the presence of other students: the Colleges, the departments, the bikes. It's not too small to feel suffocating, and has all the main chains of shops and pubs. At the same time it's not too big that you ever feel lost, and you're more than likely to always see familiar faces. Safe, friendly, and extraordinarily pretty, Cambridge is a great place to spend a few years!

Key Fact: Flexible one-on-one teaching with experts in your interests.