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The biggest part of the architecture course at Cambridge is the studio work. This forms our practical portfolio, where we make collages, films, sketches, models, technical drawings, concrete (!) and weird things like devices and masks! Sometimes we even get to design buildings! The studio work is great fun and certainly makes architecture unique among Cambridge courses. While it is time consuming and can be frustrating, it is creative, experimental and enjoyable, enabling you to develop your own style, method of working and approach to design. In first year at least, it is very much trial-and-error, but it is surprising just how much work we get done and how quickly we improve!


Claire Elford
Downing College

The lectures are broad and interesting. We cover the many aspects of architecture such as history, materials, structural design, construction, sustainability, light, heating and so on. There are so many things to consider, in an aesthetic, conceptual and practical sense, but this is what makes both studio and lectures fascinating. We have had some unusual lectures, involving singing, standing on planks of wood and hearing about the infinite possibilities of bricks!

“ unusual lectures...about the infinite possibilities of bricks! ”

The department has an extension which houses the studio and workshop - both excellent facilities. The library is also a great resource, especially because of its copies of architectural magazines and construction product catalogues. There is also a laser cutter, 3D printer and lots of giant scanners, printers and plotters.

One big problem is that the department doesn't provide any materials for studio work, so you have to buy it all yourself. However, the Architecture Society (ArcSoc) has a small shop for some materials, and a local art shop has everything we need, at a discount! Many colleges also enable you to claim back some expenses.

Best thing? The sense of community

The best thing about the course is the really strong sense of community - you get to know everyone in your year and many people from other years, too; we love talking about architecture all the time! Having to work late nights a lot of the time definitely brings us together!

Worst thing? Workload!