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Management Studies

Management Studies (MST) can only be taken having already completed two or three years of another subject. You do not need to apply to Cambridge specifying an interest in taking this course. However, competition is fierce, and you will need to have achieved high grades in your first two or three years.


A Management Studies student

The course is taught mainly at the Judge Business School. Teaching is varied with a combination of standard lectures and supervisions with newer initiatives such as group sessions, workshops, seminars and presentations; all useful for teaching real world skills that employers love to see. The Judge has its own well stocked private library and resource centre which are invaluable when writing essays and preparing presentations. Newspapers are also free to read everyday.

“ It's not a typical Cambridge degree, going where other subjects wouldn't dare ”

There are six core courses and a variety of optional ones. Maths is a big component of this course, and it is true that some numerical skills are preferable, but no prior knowledge is assumed. Students, including myself, come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds including Philosophy, Geography, Economics and History and we all coped with the mathematical demands. All subjects are encouraged to apply and your first subject has no effect on whether you receive an offer.
60% of the course is assessed by examination at the beginning of Easter term. Although this pretty much wipes out your Easter holiday, there is an advantage (with library space and sanity) in not being drawn into the ‘exam term’ mode at the same time as everyone else. The work-load is less intense after the exams, but it does not end completely. Easter term is spent doing a four week project with a company. At the end of this you will produce an assessed report and presentation. It is essentially a consulting project whereby you apply what you have learnt from the course to a real life situation and was for me the most enjoyable part of the whole year. The project counts for 15% of your final grade.

Best thing? Not doing a 'typical' Cambridge degree

The management course for me was an experience I will always be thankful for. It is not a typical Cambridge degree and goes where many other subjects wouldn’t dare. It involves a fair amount of management theory but is still the most hands-on and practical course you can take in Cambridge. Because the course runs a little bit differently in terms of lectures and exams to most others, you’ll end up getting to know the other students and spend a fair amount of time with them while everyone else is revising for exams.

Doing management isn’t just a stepping stone to the city. Employers will value the mixture of your first degree and management and it often gives you a head start against people who won’t know as much about corporate issues as you do. Definitely a course for anybody who wants a great grounding before going to the city.

Worst thing? So many stairs in the department!