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Telephone: 01223 333313
Fax: 01223 333179

Access Officer,
Cambridge University Students' Union
17 Mill Lane
Cambridge CB2 1RX


Teachers' Events

The majority of access work that the University itself and the Students' Union (CUSU) do is with students rather than parents or teachers. However, it's teachers that can really set up students for their post-school choices. Every so often CUSU holds events for teachers, and you can hear about them here.

Twitter Logo You can also hear about us, and chat to us about Cambridge and other top universities, on Twitter (@CUSUTeachers).

Upcoming events

Past events

  • Teachers' Forum: Saturday 9 June. More ->
  • 'Q&A on Cambridge' radio show: Friday 27 April. More ->

Suggest more eventsTarget visit - access<span>@</span>

Cambridge University has lots of resources for teachers, and there are many events that teachers can attend e.g. the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences. However, if there's anything that you'd like CUSU specifically to put on (i.e. you'd rather the student body did it), then please email the CUSU Access Officer and let us know!

Should we know about an event?

Do you know about an HE access event that you think we should be attending? Again, drop an email to the CUSU Access Officer to let them know.