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Telephone: 01223 333313
Fax: 01223 333179

Access Officer,
Cambridge University Students' Union
17 Mill Lane
Cambridge CB2 1RX

Target Visits

Target Visits is a scheme whereby Cambridge students, including the Students' Union Access Officer, visit schools and colleges to talk to students about higher education and Cambridge. It can be a free alternative to organising trips to Cambridge, and it's also great as it gives our university students and your school/college students the chance to meet and talk to each other.

Target Visit exercise with year 4s

Trained students from Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) are able to visit schools up and down the country, at no charge to schools and colleges. The visits are bespoke, and can follow our usual format of a Powerpoint presentation with Q&A session at the end, or can be more tailored towards your aims/needs.

We can do:

  • presentations
  • workshops
  • smaller focus group-type sessions
  • panel Q&A
  • assemblies
  • sessions with secondary and tertiary level students, and also now with primary level students

CUSU tends only to conduct and organise visits to comprehensive maintained-sector schools. We are also open to working with charities and youth organisations who have groups of prospective university students.

Request a visit

If you'd like one or more Cambridge students to visit your school/college/organisation, please visit