Shadowing Scheme

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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that the Shadowing Scheme is effective and that you get the most out of the experience. All participants must sign up to the expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct in order to take up a place on the Scheme.

Failure to meet the expectations outlined below will result in you being removed from the Scheme.

  • Treat all participants, mentors, other volunteers and staff with respect.
  • Report any inappropriate behaviour, including use of inappropriate language, harassment or bullying to Cambridge SU.
  • Use the accounts assigned to you to participate in the Shadowing Scheme only for the purposes of the scheme. Only attend meetings that have been scheduled as part of the Shadowing Scheme by Cambridge SU.
  • Do not contact your Mentor or any other volunteer on the scheme outside of the platforms specified for use in the Shadowing Scheme.
  • Do not share your contact or social media details, or details of any other participant.
  • Do not share details of how to access Shadowing Scheme events or activities so that others who are not participating may access events themselves.

Please note that in order to make events available after the fact to those who may from time to time be unable to attend, Cambridge SU will record a number of sessions and events throughout the scheme. You must turn off video capturing for this purpose when asked by a Cambridge SU staff member or volunteer.