Shadowing Scheme

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Apply for the Shadowing Scheme

Parent/guardian: confirm a student's application

Welcome! Please fill out the form below. But first some information about the scheme …

Dear parent/guardian,

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Here is some key information about the CUSU Shadowing Scheme:

The scheme runs from Thursday afternoon until Saturday lunchtime. Your child will need to make their own way to and from Cambridge, although Cambridge students will be there meet them from the station. Travel expenses may be reimbursed on a needs basis.

Throughout the scheme your child will be accommodated in one of the Cambridge colleges and will be provided with meals free of charge. Most of the activities throughout the scheme will be free of charge for your child to take part in.

Although most of your child’s time will be spent accompanying their mentor to lectures and being shown round Cambridge there may be some time where your child will be unaccompanied in the city. Each participant in the scheme will be given several contact numbers for situations in which they may need to urgently get in touch with someone in charge of the scheme or their mentor.

Each mentor on the scheme has been DBS checked and given a code of conduct, which all participants in the scheme are required to sign.

The scheme is a great opportunity for your child to experience what studying at Cambridge is like and we hope that, should they be selected, they will have an extremely enjoyable experience.

Best wishes,


Olivia Hylton-Pennant
CUSU Access & Funding Officer

This form should be filled in by the guardian once the student has applied.

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